28 December, 1949

I was born on 28th December 1949 in El Masnou, then a small coastal town with an important traditional fishing fleet near Barcelona.

Already when I was little, in school I was known more for my drawings than for my geometry or maths results.

I used to spend a lot of my free time on the beach, tracing out my first drawings in the sand.

I went to primary school in the Bosch Academy. I especially have fond memories of Mr. Bosch and Ms. Moré. What I used to love most was when spring arrived: in May, the month of Mary, I used to be asked to do drawings to decorate the blackboards in the classrooms, which freed me temporarily from study. At Christmas it was the same again, and then it was certain I had passed the year…

It was there that I met Yago Pericot too, who strangely enough worked as a maths teacher; a position he would later leave to devote himself to theatre and painting, his true vocations. I met him many years later at a group exhibition sponsored by the Masnou Town Council; he was now one of the most important artists from El Masnou.

platja masnou.jpg