Some biographical notes

  • 2009
    4 February

    Written by the poet Santiago Montobbio and presented in the Royal Monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès, gathering together my new collection of paintings.

  • 1973
    12 January

    During those years I worked as an illustrator, publishing my work in European magazines, mainly for the Scandinavian market, and I attained one of my biggest dreams, which was to publish one of my cov

  • 2005
    11 November

    The exhibition "Le Maroc de Lluís Ribas" and the book of the same title are presented in the local hall of Bab el Kébir, (one of the architectural jewels of the Almogavars built in 1150 by the calip

  • 2005
    30 September

    The book “Le Maroc de Lluís Ribas” is published; written by Josep Ma Cadena, art critic and expert in cultural topics.

  • 2004
    15 September

    I direct a short film called “Flor”, produced by Vicenç Grande, who I had met at the inauguration of one of my exhibitions in the Horrach Moyà gallery in Palma, Majorca many years beforehand.