Some biographical notes

  • 2001
    21 November

    The company London Contemporary Art, in London, make a series of 4 signed and numbered silk screen printings of my work.

  • 2006
    25 May

    I encourage a well-known business man from Sant Cugat, Josep Maria Negre, the owner of Autocugat, an Opel dealership (Opel are important sponsors in the art and sports world), to sponsor a small forma

  • 2016
    28 June
    portada Carta a la Mare.jpg

    I presented my book “Carta a la mare”, which I wrote and published especially on occasion of the 40th anniversary of my first individual exhibition and for which the writer Marta Pessarrodona wrot

  • 1996
    10 October

    A mini book is published on the Gal Art collection of my work dedicated to my sons. This collection was planned one night after a meal with Joan Llop.

  • 1996
    22 March

    In Sant Cugat, among the activities held in Espai Lluís Ribas, a magazine called “Notas” is released.