Book "Lluís Ribas, Icons of the 20th Century"

23 April, 2018

On the feast day of Saint George this year, the edition of my latest book “Icons of the 20th Century” is going on sale.

The book reproduces 48 portraits that I painted of distinguished individuals who in some way have marked the events of the past century. Scientists, artists from film, song and dance, musicians, writers, painters, researchers, and other people who have contributed towards changing history through their creativity, value or humanity.

Each of the portraits is accompanied by a short biography written by Manel Dominguez, highlighting each individual’s most significant actions.

The prologue of the book was written by Víctor Fernández.

This book is part of my project “Solidarity Art”. I will give 20% of the sale of each book to the campaign “End Polio” by the International Rotary Club. With this donation, 20 vaccines can be bought, and adding the donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the number of polio vaccines will rise to 60.

I will also paint a portrait of the person whose book number matches the last three numbers on the Niño 2019 lottery raffle and give it to them as a gift.