Creation of Sant Cugat’s "Art Night"

28 May, 2000

After setting up the “Espais d’Art de Sant Cugat” Association, which brought together the majority of art galleries in Sant Cugat, Josep Canals and I, as presidents of the association, promoted the creation of “Art Night”, taking inspiration from a celebration that was already established in Palma, Majorca.

The main idea is to promote visits to the galleries, bringing art to the general public. To achieve this, one day a year the galleries remain open until one o’clock in the morning, showing the best exhibitions, as part of a party with a festive and recreational atmosphere, with street music and shows. We also establish the tradition of a commemorative glass of cava every year, among many other activities, converting the event, right from the very start, into one of the city’s most popular and emblematic parties. The event is supported by the city council.