Exhibition in the Wally Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach

12 January, 2012

After a break of 2 years, Lluís Ribas opens the artistic high season in Palm Beach with the presentation of an individual exhibition of his work at the Wally Findlay International Gallery there, where he has always been received with great success.

Interview with the owner and chairman of the Wally Findlay Galleries

How long have you represented Lluis Ribas?
Wally Findlay Galleries has had the fortunate good distinction of representing LLUIS RIBAS , the Spanish Master of Figurative Painting, for over 14 years.

How do collectors see / understand Lluis Ribas’ Mediterranean light in the US?
The Mediterranean light has always been an influence with the Masters of the visual Arts. Americans understand the romance, that light kindles the effect of illumination, especially as it appears from behind or at a perspective. It is almost prodigal to each generation. LLUIS has mastered the amour of the Mediterranean harmony. His collectors here in the United States as well as his global collectors find solitude, almost immediately with the connection of the honesty and composure that captures the viewers emotion and passion. This MEDIO is LLUIS'S ATELIER for all to enjoy.

What do WFG clients think of Lluis Ribas work?
With each Exhibition that Lluis creates, it is not the clients in mind... It is from his Heart and his Hand... it is the emotion that he gives us in his work that is drawn from the deepest spirit of conviction and principle. Most people who have the opportunity to view LLUIS'S work in person are most always in awe of the subject that he masters so thoroughly. It is a rapport that is provoked by observation and fulfillment. Considering the Outstanding subjects that LLUIS has created for our many different exhibitions in the United States, it would be tried and true to say, as a mother, our clients like all his works, but take homes the ones they love.

And they would also like a short statement about the PB exhibition?
Having waited almost three years for this Exhibition which we baptized "ADORACION" We are in a little piece of Heaven again... LLUIS' recent paintings of his famous sensual figures on the beach with the breaking tides are always his stunning leaders in an exhibition. The expression that is always the first reaction is simply "XELL". However, when he ventures onto the abundance of canvas, There is a swell of adventure, The Masters goes for the GOLD. Much like in the spirit of BOTTICELLI employing gold as ornamentation and to heighten the glory of his subject. RIBAS employs the light to create the depth and the alluring figures glowing from their canvases. It is a time of Joy and Splendor that we now share this Glorious Exhibition with all to visit and collect. We are honored by this opportunity and grateful to our dear and beloved friend LLUIS, that we present this outstanding Exhibition in our Palm Beach Gallery.

Xell a la platja de Grifeu
Xell al riu amb nenúfars
Xell III