I start to work in Selecciones Ilustradas

25 October, 1964

I started working in the agency Selecciones Ilustradas, SI Artists, as it was known for international orders, with Jordi Longarón, one of the most important illustrators of the time.

I didn’t know yet that it was a mad house. The door was opened by Joan Martí, a man who would later become another great painter. He was better known as Petronius then. He was in his underpants. He made me get up onto his back and he carried me, like a horse would, to meet the owner of the agency, Josep Toutain, who was sitting in his office with his feet on the table. I used to make up packages and messages, do filing and look at the works I liked most: Emilia Castañeda, then married to Artur Aldomà, one of the country’s most important sculptors and who, at that time, was also an illustrator; Beltrán Bofill, Enric Torres, Sanjulián, Enric Montserrat, (Enric Montserrat gave me the nickname Yuyu because in those days the modern youth of Spain were called “yeyés”, and he thought I deserved something more special), Fernando Fernández, Miralles, and so many others. And such important comic strip artists such as Carlos Jiménez, Usero, Suso, Esteban Maroto, Gin, etc. Some of these artists made up the group known as the group from la Floresta, one of the most important groups this country has produced. I have an indelible image of Marcel Miralles and Rafael Martínez etched in my mind from that time.