Solidary Art

15 October, 2011

For the third consecutive year, I am starting a new course of painting classes in my project “Arte solidario” (Solidary art). For the first year the classes given at Sant Cugat School of Art and the resulting income was donated to Cáritas in Sant Cugat, in the form of olive oil. For the second course, due to timetable problems, the classes took place in premises kindly provided by the businessman José Mª Negre, near the headquarters of Autocugat, and the takings on this occasion were delivered to Father Mosén Pere de Les Planes, in the form of olive oil and vegetables. This year the classes will again be held in the same premises, every Thursday, as for last year, and the profits obtained will be donated, by decision of the students, to the charitable organization in our town which most needs it.

Also as part of this project, Arte Solidario, the artist is preparing a book entitled: “The Colours of the Monastery” (Els colors del Monestir), with reproductions of 20 works in small format, dedicated to the Royal Sant Cugat Monastery and the different lights that bathe it. He has enjoyed the inestimable and enthusiastic collaboration of four writers and poets: Marta Pessarrodona, Adolfo Häsler, Lluís Calvo and Sam Abrams, who are contributing literary interpretations of these works. The profit from the sale of these books will be donated to a cause beneficial to our city.