Premis d'Art Autocugat VI Edition


This year again we celebrated the delivery of the Premis d'Art Autocugat in its sixth edition.
Mr. Josep M ª Negre, sponsor of the Awards, and the artist Lluis Ribas, director of the same, have proposed extending annual awards and recognition.

This year we established a new award which recognizes the best Project or Art Initiative, and has been granted to the German company Würth for his museums network.

It has also been invited a country for its artists participating in the "Petit Format Prize”, this year Morocco was chosen as guest country, and its award-winning artist has been Khalid El Bekay.

The "Petit Format Prize" was awarded to the artist Iban Navarro, for his work “Horitzons”.

The "Beca d'Estudis Prize” was awarded to Theresia Malaise, Belgium, for his work "Sense títol".

And finally, the "Trajectòria Artistic Award”, which recognizes a lifetime of dedication to art, this year has been granted to the great artist Josep Subirachs, who really has devoted years of his life by working in the sculptures of the Holy Family of Barcelona.