Exhibition “Iluminare” in the Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach

15 November, 2018

I expose again at the Findlay Galleries, in Palm Beach, showing my most classic work, mainly of luminous and Mediterranean theme. On this occasion it is celebrating 20 years of my first exhibition in New York City with the same company.

Presentation by Mr. Borynack, chairman and CEO of the company.

“Twenty years ago, I learned of Lluís Ribas remarkable paintings through a friend who shared with me a wonderful book of his work. I was immediately intrigued by his sensual paintings. I understood the essence of his work as a contemporary figurative painter working in a traditional manner and felt that we needed to meet and review his work for representation in the US.

The goal was accomplished with the launch of his premiere New York exhibition at our galleries in 1998. This highly successful venture and new friendship led to many travels to Barcelona and Saint Cugat de Valles. Upon our visits to his studio, we confirmed our mutual understanding of the global art scene and his ability to impact upon it. Twenty years later, after highly successful exhibitions in seven of our galleries and a global base of collectors, we are honored by the important critical recognition and status Lluís Ribas has achieved from two decades of collaboration with Findlay Galleries.

I am proud to present to this generation of Findlay collectors Lluís Ribas new exhibition, Iluminare, a
celebration of twenty years of artistic representation.”

James R. Borynack

Xell al riu amb nenúfars
Tocant l'aigua
Sobre les pedres del mar
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Lluis Ribas PB2018 (6).jpg
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