Exhibition "Back to the soul", at the Mucbe Museum of Benicarló

20 January, 2023

I present an exhibition of my work for the second time at the Mucbe Museum in Benicarló. This time with my new work: "Back to the soul", along with the book that illustrates this new work written by Marta Pessarrodona, who has given title and poetry to each of the paintings.

In this collection, after 47 years of career, I leave my comfort zone and start a new stage. I would say that until that moment I wanted to put poetry in my painting, now I want to paint poetry.

I am very excited about this exhibition, since the Mucbe Museum is doing a very important work of dissemination of culture. It can be visited until March 26.

Jo no sé ni com se diu
Dichoso el árbol
Globus de foc