Exhibition in the Hotel Meliá Sarria, Barcelona

11 May, 1995

I open an exhibition in the Hotel Meliá to present the book “Morocco”. The 86 works which appear in the book are shown.

At the request of Luís del Olmo, one of the many people present and a recognised journalist, communicator, presenter, and one of the most influential voices on Spanish radio, I publically state that I preferred to present the exhibition in the function room of a big hotel than in an exhibition room, because gallery owners always demand too high a percentage on the sales in exchange for the scarce or nil services they provide. It causes a huge stir and the gallery owners, with honourable exceptions, gather together and decide to no longer display any of my work.

Still today I don’t understand their outrage against what I still consider a simple and truthful statement of facts. Consequently, I decide that from then on I would use my own Espai Lluís Ribas as an exhibition room to display my future work.

Mr. J. Abella presents the event.