“The Liberation of Women” exhibition in the Balcó Foyer of Barcelona’s Gran Teatro del Liceo

19 June, 2017

I have been invited to present my work in the Balcó Foyer of the Gran Teatro del Liceo from 19th June to 2nd July 2017.

The exhibition appears alongside the opera Don Giovanni, by W.A. Mozart. Don Giovanni is a man who uses women as he wishes. He seduces them, captivates them and then leaves them. To give another view of this myth that proliferates in theatre and in society with this sexist image of disdain, we present a collection of my paintings: "The Liberation of Women" as a counterpoint to this poignant argument for the female gender.

With the symbolism of the plastic wrapping from which the women emerge, I present this series of oil paintings on which I have been working for years: this collection is dedicated to those women all around the world who have not been able to break the social and cultural ties that oppress them.

Alliberament de la dona I
Alliberament de la dona II
Alliberament de la dona III
Alliberament de la dona V
L'alliberament de la dona VI
L'alliberament de la dona VII
Alliberament de la dona VIII, 2016