Moda Adlib

12 February, 1970

Encarnita Pachecho, who I have already mentioned, had won the title of Miss Model of Spain and had modelled several times on New York catwalks. When Selecciones Ilustradas considered doing a photo reportage on the then rising Ad Lib fashion on the island of Ibiza, there was little room for doubts about the candidate. On a preliminary trip to select scenes and to fine-tune the production, the producer and co-manager of the reportage, Manel Domínguez and I, hired another girl, Sheila, an English girl who was working selling bets at the island’s dog track, and who had never before worked as a model. As an anecdote I’ll mention that after that reportage she went back to England with some of the photos we took in Ibiza, and she began to work as a professional model.

Ad Lib fashion was a novelty in those days; created by Smilja Mihailovich, an aristocrat from Central Europe who arrived on the island at the end of the 1960s and died there in 1994. The first reportage published internationally was that carried out by our team for Selecciones Ilustradas: “primicia absoluta”. The “boom” arrived later.