Photo reportage of Salvador Dalí in Port Lligat

21 September, 1970

Still with Selecciones Ilustradas, I took photos of an interview with the Ampurdan painter, which took place in his house in Port Lligat. Everything was running smoothly until Gala emerged from her room with a young man who she proceeded to warmly caress before our eyes. Tempted by the unusual nature of the encounter, I decided to immortalise it, but the noise of the camera startled Dalí, who was engaged in full theatrical exhibitionism. When he heard the noise of the camera shutter (a Hasselblad; quite a noisy piece of equipment), the painter turned to me and demanded that I gave him the roll of film, threatening that he would immediately end the interview. I gave it to him, of course; the roll was exposed immediately and Dalí continued with his pantomime as if nothing had happened…My frustration was all the greater since I, at those times (an inexperienced and innocent youth), wanted to make my name in the photography world, spending many hours experimenting in the dark room, since back then there were no computers or Photoshop programs.