Exhibition of "40 years from exhibition to exhibition" in the museum of the Royal Monastery of Sant Cugat del Vallès

16 February, 2017

The Sant Cugat del Vallès town council is organising an exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my first individual exhibition. The exhibition will be held in the outstanding museum of the monastery of Sant Cugat. In this exhibition, I am presenting works from 1959 to today. It will be held until March 30th with different acts, guided visits, a painting workshop and a closing ceremony with a music and dance performance.

I did not want this celebration to only be for me; I wanted to make it a charity event, and in line with my project over recent years, “solidarity art”, I collaborated with the Rotary Club of Sant Cugat to eradicate polio in the world, a disease I know very well because I suffered from it when I was 1 and a half years old, and continue to feel its effects. We have obtained many donations from sponsors, books and prints of my work have been sold, a painting that I did of the monastery in situ during the painting workshop was auctioned, etc. The money fundraised in these activities has been donated in full, and we have managed to buy 17,400 polio vaccines.

I would like to sincerely thank the Sant Cugat town council for organising this exhibition, the people and entities that collaborated, and the general public who attended all the scheduled events.

Caritat, 1978
Tristesa, 1979
Mallorca, 1992
Tot es mou al voltant del te, 2004
Crisàlida I, 2012
Alliberament de la dona VIII, 2016